Blown away, with the joy from a Learner !

So I was asked to complete day 2 & 3 for a company I freelance train for, the trainer that did day 1 updated me on the learners and informed me one learner was struggling.

Last week when I did day two, I assessed that the adult learner had SEN, so we worked over lunch and in breaks to ensure he understood everything and the other learners were so supportive, however he still needed to put some work in to get to the end of the course.

This week we refreshed the past 2 days and he was struggling a little, getting things in the wrong order. Again I spent time over breaks and he even did a scenario this afternoon with his boss in the room and did really well.

He also smashed the multiple choice question paper and passed the course.

These two days I have really earned my money and take my hat off to anyone that works with SEN, however I can not be prouder of the work this learner put in and the feeling he gave me with the joy in his face when I told him that he had passed.

Blown away!!!!

Love Training people to SAVE Lives!!!


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