Why Givers Gain within BNI

Last Tue I had the honour of sharing the room with a group of Durham and Teeside “Givers”. These are members of BNI Durham & Teesside of BNI UK & Ireland.
The members of this room meet each month, to share ways of growing and passing more referral business to BNI members within our region, as we know that in return this churns money over within our local economy.
The exercise was for all members to write on a post it note an opinion of other members within the room.
Below are the thoughts of the room on myself, what can I say, I was blown away!!!
www.aetraining999.co.uk working within BNI Durham & Teesside to help business grow.
Why not try this within your work place, so much posterity within this and it covered many of BNI core values…
Givers Gain / Recognition / Life Long Learning / Building Relationships / A positive & supportive attitude

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