As a company we are BNI members…. WHY.

So as a local company which started up after Lee the director left the forces after 25 years service; he needed to learn to be a business man whilst starting the company and also being out training. So thanks to Matt Prosser he got invited to his first BNI meeting. BNI is a structured referral generating organisation that massively supports each other and as much as we all want business out of our membership, we get…




and all this comes from your own chapter, cross chapter within your region, nationally, internationally and globally.

Lee has had many 121 meetings across the country but he has also had referrals from other regions. So BNI isn’t just the members of your own chapter that care.

So A&E are proud members of BNI because the system works!


Do you want to grow your business?

Do you want to be a local business with global support and connections?

Do you want to visit?

We can introduce you to any chapter In the world. Just Ask!



Photos By Nick Georgiou (

Photo’s by fellow BNI Contact.


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