Spaces left on our 1 day course.

A&E Training have a 1 day first aid course on Mon 16th Dec in Richmond. The course flyer is attached to show you what will be covered. We aim to train so all learners leave feeling confident that they could deliver first aid if the worst happened. I am the trainer as well as a community responder so I am in your community looking after your customers, staff and their families as a volunteer, as I am passionate that fast assistance can saves lives. The one day course is valid for 3 years and priced at…. 1 learner £75 + Vat each 3 Learners £210 + Vat 5 learners £340 + Vat (this is learners from one company on one invoice) We also supply First aid kits and Defibrillators at realistic prices as we always negotiate with our suppliers to try and get a better price and this is always past on to the clients. A&E Training are passionate about giving good quality training and ensuring learners gain confidence building practicable learning. If you would like to book email if your not interested but know someone who maybe, please forward this email. Many thanks for reading

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