A&E Training can now offer Safeguarding Training.

As a company we live lifelong learning, we believe that we need to keep learning as we promote our learners to learn.

Awareness of Safeguarding Level 1

The learner will:
1. Be aware of safeguarding legislation and guidance
2. Be aware of key safeguarding roles
3. Be aware of different types of abuse

4. Be aware of signs and indicators of abuse and neglect
5. Know what action to take if a safeguarding concern arises

Principles of Safeguarding Level 3

The learner will:
1. Understand how to safeguard and protect children, young people or vulnerable adults in the workplace
2. Know how to respond to evidence or concerns that a child, young person or vulnerable adult has been abused

Offers are already in place for learners that complete awareness in First Aid for Mental Health who go on to complete another Mental Health course., We will now be offering people offers across Mental Health and Safeguarding.

If you would like information on any courses we do, public or inhouse, please email us for ore information.



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