Our Director Assists on Motorway

Our Director Lee stopped on the M61 last week to help with a gentleman who had fallen from a motorway bridge, acting as first on scene until the fast response paramedic arrived, then assisted until the air ambulance arrived. A&E Training are not just passionate about training but also willing to put our skills to use, when and if, needed and you never know when that’s going to be. Lee used his skills as a community first resopnder with Yorkshire ambulance service, to command the scene until further assistance arrived. Lee says that several volunteers helped with the casualty as well as holding sheets above our heads for around an hour as we stabilised the gentleman and manage to extract him from the road by air ambulance.

The Fast response paramedic, Air crews and police all worked together to ensure the gentleman had as much assistance as needed.

Lee says he was proud to have been able to help in a small way, respect to all the crews.

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