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Emergency First Aid
with staff from The Prickly Pear Bistro
Trainer Lee Whitworth
BNI Durham & Teesside
BNI Excel Chapter
BNI Vision Chapter
BNI Steel
@ Marshall Robertson Group Ltd
Ship Inn Redmarshall
“Thank you Lee! The learning was made enjoyable and was very informative. I am considering doing further courses.”
“So much learnt from Lee. Could not of asked for a better teacher.”
“Lee has a good sense of humour which keeps us engaged during the long course. In depth knowledge and puts us on the spot to ensure we are confident.”
“Lee made sure all Information was comprehendible for people who learn at different paces. He delivered the course in an engaging and interesting way. Thanks!”
“Lee made the course easy to understand.”
“Very engaging and understanding.”
“Lee was fantastic throughout. He kept the group interested and engaged in the content.”

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