Great Day With Wavell Juniors & Infant and Nursery School

Amazing feedback again!!!


Excellent how you linked it to school and gave more detail.


Fab Training in difficult times with covid, the course was adapted well for this.


Thank you for delivering in an interesting way.


Questioning helped to focus attention, great pace and additional info given to power points to hold attention.


Enjoyed Training. Lee was really good at answering our questions and patient.


An Enjoyable, Interesting Course.


Considering we are coping with Covid at the present time, I felt everything necessary was done to protect us, keep us safe, make us aware of current practice and put us at ease.


Everything done really well, and confident using the skills I have learned.


Made the whole training very interesting and easy to retain all the information given.


A&E Harmonious Compliance Training Ltd, do all we can to ensure all learners are engaged and feel confident after the course.


Why not give us a try?

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