The IPAD SP1 RRPs at around £1300 + Vat

A&E Training have been selling it for £1100 + Vat since we started.

Our supplier has given us a discount and we think its only fair to pass this on to you.




IPAD SP1 Fully or Semi Auto for Only £1025 + Vat for single units or £1010 + Vat for multiple units.


  • Designed to be used by minimally trained individuals
  • Easily switch between adult and child modes without changing pads
  • Provides complete step-by-step voice prompt and visual indication support
  • Pads are stored, pre-connected, in a clear compartment on the underside of the unit
  • Device detects if CPR is being performed and prompts responder
  • Volume adjusts automatically for ambient noise level up to 90 decibels, meaning voice prompts can always be heard over background noise
  • Visual indication of IPAD status and battery life
  • Up to 15 hours usage can be stored in the memory of the SP1. Should the data be required, the download process can be performed with a simple SD card
  • Free upgrade to unrivalled 10 year warranty upon registration with the manufacturer

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