Are you Ready to Rock and Roll

Good morning world.

Is your business ready for after lockdown ?

HR in place for staff returning out of furlough?
Accounts ready to rock and roll?
Re mortgage for a better rate?
Training planned and up to date?
Full sanitise and clean ready for staff to return?
All those leaky roofs, pipes or electrical issues sorted?
Extensions or maintenance of present buildings?
Website and social media refreshed, with new photos or video content?
New direction and growth plans in place?
Admin ready for all the equities that will flood in?
New signage that’s required for social distancing or just refreshed?
Staff holidays ?
Community commitments to charity or helping other businesses around you with app ads?

A&E training can help with all of these and much more?

A&E can put you in touch with any business service you need from within our trusted local, yet national, yet global network, or if you prefer we can introduce you to all of these by you joining us for a meeting!!!!

BNI Durham & Teesside BNI UK & Ireland BNI

WE CAN HELP !! Your business grow after Lockdown!!!

Today I am meeting with BNI Excel Chapter, Alone we achieve, TOGETHER we EXCEL!!!

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